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The idea of this publication is to illustrate a particular point of alerting or conditional formatting. We set conditional formatting for several reasons but the most used is the one concerning measures with thresholds: green,

In this document, I want to illustrate how to have a better reading of a report containing a large list of people, customers, products, or anything that need to be listed. To facilitate the reading,

Multiple Web Intelligence user’s questions are regarding date and time and especially difference between 2 dates. Web Intelligence already offers 2 functions dedicated to dates difference: DaysBetween() MonthsBetween() Those functions work well when we are

The document goal is to help end users to use input controls to change report behavior, design, appearance, etc. using some Web Intelligence functionalities that are only available for report creators. The objective of this

I wrote the document Measure contribution in a chart that explains how to display in a chart the customers where sales revenue contributes to a given percentage of the total. The document also details how

One of the frequent questions we have to resolve is the contribution of a given measure in a chart and especially a pie chart. The idea is to display in a chart the customers where

I often seen the requirement to display all members of a given dimension in one cell separated by any character. So the idea is to use Web Intelligence variables to group all dimension values (with

In a previous publication I described how we can display a large number of values on a chart and zoom in the chart using input controls: Charts windowing. Concerning tables this is not really an

Gartner Magic Quadrant In this document I will show you how we can plot data to display a Gartner Magic Quadrant chart. Gartner Magic Quadrant is used by Gartner to do company analysis on a

This document will explain how we can expose a SWOT matrix (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) in a Web Intelligence report. According to wikipedia definition, SWOT analysis are used in many industries: SWOT is a structured