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What is Prepack? As we know in retail, we use articles master with variant and this variant articles are known as sub articles of a generic articles. Prepack article is a structured article with a

We have come across a scenario for Retail POS industries where client deal only with MRP. The MRP is always with included GST tax. We know how pricing procedure does work. It requires a base

Recently I am on a project. In this project, we had a challenge. In their business, they have 61 plants (for three company codes) and they are using stock transport order from 5 manufacturing plants

Last week, I obtained a requirement from purchasing team, my super users are creating material masters, but sometimes they enter wrong conversion factor in material master or they forget to enter one or more alternative

We know unit of measure is a vital thing which is used in material master, purchasing document and inventory management etc.  I hope I do not need to elucidate about what a unit of measure

As per my subject you should already surmise that what topic it will be. Yes, I am going to give an illustration about the point system, a part from this blog post Let’s Get Some

During a purchasing document creation or a goods movement posting, you may can face some performance issue like any kind of short dump or it may can take long time to execute a transaction. Generally,

Standard Process: As per standard SAP, system determines G/L account as per defined rule for the account determination. Where, we can’t use the option account modifier for some transaction event keys (like BSX, WRX) at

Business Scenario: We execute the report MB5B to check stock as on posting date along with we can check the stock analysis from the same transaction code. We choose the tick option of “Totals Only”