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Derek Klobucher

There’s been much ado about blockchain for years. But is the distributed ledger technology (DLT), which efficiently records and transparently shares contract and transaction data, worth the hype? Blockchain has a lot of business advantages

Considerable investment in sustainable companies is no longer an activist fantasy. It’s real and practical, led in part by ever more influential investors and experts. More than a quarter of managed assets worldwide have a

The choice between profitability and sustainability is no longer a stark one, as promising companies start showing real gains — such as Tesla Inc overtaking G.M. and Ford as the most valuable U.S. automaker by

(Cowritten with Paul Baur; motion graphic by David Aguirre) Artificial intelligence is about to crush the final obstacle standing between shoppers and the perfect customer experience. SAP SmartBuys is a consumer app designed to help

Technology upgrades are a good way to prepare for the digital economy, but they’re only half the battle. Organizations truly become digital enterprises when they can balance their cool new upgrades with their needs for

Scaling up your business can be a blessing or — without the right data — a curse. That’s because serving all of the customers you can handle doesn’t mean much if you can’t even tell

It’s already been a busy year for cybersecurity, as U.S. President Barack Obama warned NATO allies last weekend to closely monitor their impending elections for the kind of suspected Russian hacking that afflicted the latest

Bots are a great way for holiday shoppers to check off items from their wish lists while avoiding crowded stores and endless hold times on the phone. Bots are also a fantastic tool for the

Machine learning has a lot of potential to accelerate innovation and ease burdens on workers in finance and other industries. Despite a dark side for those same workers, this form of artificial intelligence (AI) —

Going after new markets often requires bold moves. Japanese computer game titan Nintendo is stretching out — yet again — in an effort to win new customers after unveiling its newest console, the Nintendo Switch.