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The customer buying journey has evolved from an end-to-end experience to a data-driven relationship. And a big part of that relationship is using customer data responsibly. “Machine learning really helps us see which customers we

The savviest business decisions depend on a lot more than gut instinct, according to experts at SAPPHIRE NOW last month. Advanced analytics has replaced intuition as the gold standard for improving outcomes and creating new

Organizations have found a lot of new value for themselves and their customers over the past year, thanks to Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, blockchain and other SAP Leonardo-related technologies. These successes usually result

Some of the biggest names in retailing addressed technology, dramatic shifts in consumer behavior and more at the recent Global Retailing Conference 2018. Retail legends and cutting-edge researchers shared insights with startups, old pros and

Declarations of the retail apocalypse for brick-and-mortar stores are more than overblown; they’re downright wrong, according to experts at a recent conference — and they’ve got data to back them up. A savvy use of

(Cowritten with Paul Baur) Try visiting any retailer’s website without being chatted up by a precocious chatbot that can help you with any topic, from which shoes best compliment your wedding outfit to what type of

Successful customer loyalty programs can seem like an impossible dream for a retailer, but their potential for repeat business makes them well worth pursuing — if done properly. Store credit cards, for example, might appear

The secret to delivering the best in personalized service is for retailers to achieve a single, unified view of each individual shopper. The ultimate goal is a bespoke customer experience that they will enjoy online,

Stop waiting for the future. It’s here — and you can see it. Analytics understand your customer’s store behavior, product impressions and dwells; smart refrigerators warn of spoiling food and optimize grocery lists; and augmented

Digital transformation can do a lot to help the mining industry, such as improving onsite operations and decision making. Design thinking can optimize those improvements — if properly utilized. “We set up a plan to