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Digital transformation can do a lot to help the mining industry, such as improving onsite operations and decision making. Design thinking can optimize those improvements — if properly utilized. “We set up a plan to

Digital transformation is often impressive, but it doesn’t have to disrupt an entire industry. Growing your business with the right technologies can create a huge competitive advantage — and even a barrier to entry for

As if to cap off an already eventful National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, — and perhaps proving that there is no honor among thieves — a hacker breached a forum for hackers last week, and is

It’s no longer cliché to think of cybersecurity as an arms race. Cyber-attackers and their victims have been scrambling for a leg up over each other for ages, so governments are noticeably ramping up their

Managing risk is one thing, but cyber-insurance can also help set the standard for cybersecurity across industries. Cyber-liability protection is growing fast — and there’s a lot of potential — but there are some big

It’s already been an exciting National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. More than “an annual campaign to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity,” as the U.S. Department of Homeland Security describes it, October began with bicameral congressional hearings into

Cyberattacks we’ve seen to date have been child’s play relative to what’s possible, according to a government expert. We could soon see how bad it can get — and our best defense may be highly

Moving your HR solution to the cloud could be simpler than you think. The right partners can make such an implementation relatively easy — and it can yield quick results. “The usability is just so simple … it’s really

HR implementations that make sales happy and go live early may seem unheard of — but they are possible with the right partner. Following a very smooth 18-month implementation that featured many early roll-outs, the

Machine learning can be the difference between life and death. The technology, which enables computers teach themselves, is about more than who has the world’s biggest AI platform — or how well a platform evaluates