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Introduction The SAP HANA Service on the SAP Cloud Platform only accepts secure (encrypted) connections from client tools. To make this happen, you have two options: Use the default (built-in) TLS/SSL security provider of your

  Introduction For those new to our enterprise Platform-as-a-Service, we have recorded a number of video tutorials to help you get started. They cover both the free trial version as the enterprise edition for customers and

Introduction Data masking provides an additional layer of object-level access control, for example to complement SELECT privileges. Regular object-level access control privileges return either a result set or an error: insufficient privileges. With data masking, a result set

Introduction SAP HANA uses client certificates to secure both network communication channels and the user authentication mechanisms SAML and JWT. On-premise, they can be stored in the file system and database. For the SAP HANA

Introduction Authorization for the SAP Cloud Platform, SAP HANA Service works the same as for a regular on-premise SAP HANA: with roles and privileges. Tutorial Video In the video tutorial below, we show you how

Introduction Today, for the first time in our history, over 50,000 students have subscribed to the SAP HANA Academy. To celebrate this milestone, let me share with you a brief history, some highlights, and the

Introduction For SAP HANA as a Service, username/password, SAML and JWT are available as authentication mechanisms, the last two can be used for integration into single sign-on environments. In the video tutorial below, we show

Introduction By auditing activies for the SAP HANA Service, you can track who did (or tried to do) what and when in the database. It is a security feature, although the auditing itself, of course, does

Introduction The SAP Cloud Platform, SAP HANA Service is available in both the Neo and Cloud Foundry environments. Neo is hosted in SAP data centers, Cloud Foundry is provided by Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform

Introduction The video tutorial playlist for SAP HANA Performance Monitoring and Analysis with SAP HANA Cockpit has recently been updated. In the videos, we frequently mention SAP Knowledge Base Articles (KBA) and Notes plus other relevant