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On Tuesday, 29th August 2017 the SAP Fiori for iOS – Build Your First Native Mobile App openSAP MOOC will start and today the System Setup instructions are available and I am very excited about

After you have read the expression binding and custom formatter chapters of the SAPUI5 Walkthrough tutorial plus the SAPUI5 tutorial about data binding (in XML views) and implemented some easy use cases you may want

Intro When using an OData service for SAPUI5 development, you need some information about the service like the contained entities, their navigation properties between each other and their properties. You need this information for data

Intro When you are developing a SAPUI5 application with an OData backend it is handy to have some mock data available. The most obvious reason to use mock data is when the backend is not

Steps When running the SAP Fiori Reference Apps against a real backend you have two options: you can run them against the public available ES5 demo system or you use your own system. In this

Links Introduction The app structure Pictures Summary Links app repository app in action zipped app Introduction Over the weekend I’ve been tinkering around to create a small SAPUI5 “getting started” app which is based on

Everyone is quite surprised when I tell them that I once was a secretary. So I decided to write down my story for those who want switch careers and get into the software development business.

This year I was able to be a tech coach at two different SAP InnoJams (CeBIT, Fashion) – and hopefully there are more to come! I want to share my experience with you what it’s

Overview On 18th April 2015 our SAPUI5 CodeJam took place in the capital city of Turkey: Ankara. It was hosted by TED Üniversitesi. I was there as the SAPUI5 expert. SAP Mentor Abdulbasıt Gülşen was

When you want to learn how to develop a SAPUI5/OpenUI5 application with the master-detail pattern, then you should read the “Application Best Practices” guide – aka TDG (the definitive guide). The famous Northwind OData service