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Traditional methods of handling mass changes involve manually changing a record one by one which is extremely tedious and time consuming. To overcome this, SAP has introduced some mass maintenance enhancements in GRC AC 10.1

Program to Clear unwanted entries from table GRACUSERROLE Sometimes the table GRACUSERROLE is updated with lower and upper-case user id causing unwanted entries resulting in performance issue. To Overcome this performance issue and to clear

Hello GRC Mates, Please find some of the New Enhancements in GRC AC 10.1 SP18 and SP19   Access Control Is integrated with Success Factors With GRC AC 10.1 SP19, Customers can start using Access

Irritation is a feeling of agitation. When you are irritated, you become frustrated easily. While pondering over some of the causes for irritation, I found that apart from traffic jams, working on severity 1 on

In this blog, Please find some of the functionalities that are released with various SPs of GRC AC 10.1 which you shouldn’t miss.             Mass Maintenance of Risk owners and

In GRC AC 10.x, there are many issues where a simple authorization assignment will solve the issue. In this blog, I will bring your notice to few issues related to EAM which can be solved


Performance optimization is primarily done for two reasons, to reduce response times and to reduce resource usage. This is applicable for any given situation. In this blog, I am coming up with few performance optimization

Hello Team,   Please find the tables where the data get stored whenever you are configuring MSMP.   Tables Related to       GRFNMWCNPRCS:                 Table Where Process Id and Process Type are stored GRFNMWCNPRCST: 

Hello GRC Mates, Recently, new features are added into GRC AC 10.1 SP16 based on the customer feedback and also as part of continuous development. Please find some of the features here.   Firefighter logon

In this blog, you will be learning the following concepts What is Application Administration and how to access Different Operations in Application Administration Important T-Codes and Reports Used for Application Administration     Application Administration