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SAP Information Steward being a product from SAP EIM (Enterprise Information Mangement) product suite requires some specific stpes to follow We need to install below three in order – 1.         1. Information Platform Services

In today’s scenario data has become very important asset to the organizations,as organizations are totally relying on performance of its employees and some employees as Data Steward totally relying on performance of data. They always want to fine-tune

Past few months I am closely watching lots of stuff related with SAP Business Object’s data solution portfolio as data services, information steward etc., as both of them comes under the SAP’s EIM solution portfolio.

In succession of my last Information Steward –  another gem of EIM portfolio around SAP information steward application i want to move forward with sharing some high level details of one of the module of

I have understood that SAP is always ahead on the solutions through which an organization can manage & maintain their most reliable asset and that is “Information”. In today’s environment where things are becoming more users

The capabilities of business objects data services are very huge,I know I am not adderessing many new things here but  by looking at it’s various capabilities. few below things I could realize Broadly it is

Data modelling is always big concern before designing repository in SAP MDM solution design and in fact not only for SAP MDM wherever data involved in an organization and where client needs to manage their

I was going through a blog and abruptly this idea popped up in my mind that how an industry knowledge makes you to become a good an meanigful adviser of your client. Yes this is

Hello Folks, Belive or not ,It gives me immense pleasure when my friends talk with me about SAP and It’s product line.Since I am tuned with EIM framwork area, so I talk to them much about this manier

I was trying to recollect all the thoughts related to master data management grabbed till now and it inspired me to write this blog. Again it is not possible for me to expand it with