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Once upon a time, my fashion start-up was easy to run: back in 2014, our team was made up of only me, my partner, and four recent design graduates from Goldsmiths University. We had a

Do you work in the HR field? Are you looking for a way to eliminate some of the many risks that often come into play? Have you come to realize that having the right technology

Any parent knows the importance of recess. When your kids are playing, running around, making up new creative games, and taking turns on the swing, you can hear joy in their laughter and see it

Are you seeking a way to better manage your business finances? Are you finally ready to take full control of anything and everything associated with your company’s financial situation? While this is a big step

Since 2015, approximately 3 billion data records have been compromised as a result of various data breaches. Cyber Crime perpetrated by criminal organizations, rogue states, and independent operators cost all types of industries billions of

As marketers, we’re constantly looking for new tools to help us get an edge. After all, we have a pretty rare opportunity in that what we do on and offline can be quantified into data

Designing your brand is no easy task. While some might think this is slapping on a logo or coming up with an “About” page, it’s actually a pretty complex mission. It requires looking into what

Development spearheads growth. There is no potential for expansion or future for a business that does not consistently develop products, compete on the market, and try to gain an advantage over its competitors. A report

Email marketing works. But it’s an often overlooked strategy that marketers fail to fully utilize. The statistics for the effectiveness and success of email marketing may surprise you. Direct Marketing Association reports that email marketing

You’ve finally settled into your cozy role as the Chief Technology Officer of a small to mid-sized corporation. Landing the job was a combination of your sharp wit, amicability, and deep insight into which direction