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I’m pretty sure every longtime Internet surfer has had a craving, at least once, to find out who the author of a particular website is. A likely motivation is to expose someone who ripped off

Unexplored territory – this is what numerous investors call the cryptocurrency market, with its insecure exchanges, information wars, scam projects and high volatility. Insufficient risk management and security measures have caused serious losses to users

The ransomware epidemic keeps running rampant. It targets more and more businesses, rendering valuable files inaccessible through the use of strong cryptosystems like RSA. This segment of cybercrime poses a huge underground economy. According to

Modern technologies have made the financial market highly efficient and fast. Nevertheless, it is not devoid of shortcomings, and its fundamental principles remain, in fact, the same as several centuries ago. The model that the

Generally speaking, an IoT device is an object connected to the Internet. These things are ubiquitous nowadays. Wi-Fi routers, smart TVs, smart locks and online-accessible fridges are all examples of IoT devices that are literally