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Many markets around the world are liberalized or deregulated with more moving that direction in the coming years.  Now that you are faced with competition are your marketing systems strong enough to take you into

Most of the time we can see them coming. Hurricanes, typhoons, snow or ice storms, bad weather usually give us a day to several days’ notice.  But sometimes disasters hit without warning, in an instant. 

The National Safety Council provides that statistic and also estimates that the average direct cost for an accident is around $200,000US.  Indirect costs are around $1,000,000US for disabling events or $62,500US for each a non-disabling

A day in the not too future    Your biometrics monitor (1) realizes you are coming out of REM sleep and signals to your heating system (2) to increase the temperature to 16°c/62°f, and turn on

This past summer a peculiar event took place in Germany.  On a sunny, breezy day, generation from alternative energy sources provided more than half of total demand requiring companies to rapidly shed output from traditional

The story of six blind men describing an elephant has been around for centuries.  As each one touches a different piece of the elephant, they “see” and experience a unique aspect.  When they all get

Imagination is more important than knowledge, as knowledge is limited, imagination I can draw from.  Albert Einstein The reason I like this quote is because we tend to downplay imagination, especially in the business environment. 

There is a company who took modularization to a whole new level starting back in the 1950s, that company is the Swedish IKEA Group of companies.  Their business is to provide well-designed, functional furnishing, at

Now that the holidays are over and resolutions are readily at hand, it is time to take a fresh look at how to get more done this year.  Here are a couple of suggestions for

A relatively new term is making its way around the software industry called Time-to-Value.  So what does it mean, how does it relate to other financial measurements and what benefit is it to you? We