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This year the Apple iPhone will be 10 years old and the disruption is still being felt in the enterprise. When its stable mate the iPad came along 7 years ago and joined the digital

MOB100: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Mobile Technology at SAP… MOB101: Mobilize Your Enterprise with the SAP HANA Cloud Platform Mobile Portfolio MOB200: Going Digital: SAP’s Mobile Technology Strategy and Road Map … MOB200 – Increase

While I as exploring the capabilities of Agentry 7 (i.e. as found in SMP 3.0) and the ability to improve the UI creation, I came across this youtube Video which I think explains it all

I came across this device just before Christmas when I was researching RFID devices, I just love it, it neatly combines the power of the iPhone with an RFID tag reader/writer on a stick. http://www.tsl.uk.com/products/1128-bluetooth-handheld-uhf-rfid-reader/

Some projects need rugged devices, but quite often rugged devices only run Windows Mobile 6.x which is no good for Cordova App’s or for browsing HTML5. So what’s required is a rugged device, but running

I see that DCX has published the 3.0 Documentation, always worth a scan read especially as this documentation contains footnotes with late edits. SAP Mobile Platform Server documents SAP Mobile Platform SDK documents

An interesting day yesterday with me waiting to see who would bid for Blackberry. Imagine my surprise when it turned out no one wanted them, and instead they appointed my old Boss from Sybase John

SAP Kapsel is a series of Cordova 3 (PhoneGap) plugin’s that will be part of the future release of SMP 3.0. Here are my notes on its capabilities, mainly gleamed from a Video Interview with

I am doing the SAP Mobility course at openSAP and we are currently still in week 1. So you can still enroll, I suggest all you developers consider it, even if you are hardened mobility

It what came as a surprise to me, Microsoft has paid $7.2bn for Nokia’s phone unit (devices and services), its patents and its mapping service. Nokia current have around 14% of the mobile market, but