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On September, 15th 2017 we hosted our 3rd CodeJam in Leipzig at Arvato Systems Perdata Gmbh. Unfortunately, we had only 5 participants but lots of fun, good discussions and – last but not least –

In this blog post, I will explain the steps needed for updating system data in Support Portal using the Support Hub user. If you’re managing different customers, additional things have to be configured. It took

We’re happy to announce the next SAP CodeJam in Leipzig, topic this time will be SAP NetWeaver Gateway. Topics will be OData development with focus on Multichannel for Utilities. The presenter will be Andre Fischer. The event

When you have installed Solution Manager 7.2 and need to patch the system, there’s a small hack how to calculate the patch without having to configure LMDB first. First, you need to configure SLD –

If you want to rename ABAP classes, methods or variables you have two possibilities: Feel the pain or use Eclipse…   It’s pretty simple! Just right click on the object and choose “Rename”:   But

When planning the upgrade to Solution Manager 7.2, it’s a good idea to clean up your Solution Manager system. Over time, huge amounts of data are collected in your system. For instance, when you use

At our CodeJam in Leipzig, Philipp Degler showed us a cool website – The Rosetta Code. It’s a good place to learn new program languages or to train your skills. On a lazy friday afternoon

On Friday, 22th of April, our first CodeJam took place in the training room of arvato Systems perdata GmbH. The SAP trainers, Philipp Degler and Christian Stork gave us a great insight into ABAP in

Maybe you know the problem – QA queue is full of old requests, nobody knows which one is relevant (sometimes the programmer isn’t even working for your company any more). The answer is transport of

Let’s start… After installing Eclipse and downloading AiE I started… …creating shortdumps (SYSTEM_NO_SHM_MEMORY) in our dev system. Well, let’s raise abap/shared_objects_size_MB to 100 MB. 🙂 In customer systems, I didn’t tell basis team to do