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It has taken some time to publish this post. I did not want to share about my podcast if I was not successful I getting some different stories posted. But now I have made 9

I have always been frustrated with how difficult it was to make testing of the SAP PI/PO interfaces and the amount of time spend on making the testing work. Too many manual steps in it.

Ever since I started with developing SAP PI/PO testing was a big thing. There has not been any tool provided by SAP for it. There was the Detroublator that we used, and I have been

I normally share what sessions are interesting from an integration perspective. I have done it again this year. Yesterday at my SAP Integration QA I shared my list of the sessions to attend. You can

I just returned from TechEd Barcelona and wanted to create a short wrap up for integration experts. First, there were no big changes between Las Vegas and Barcelona, and not a lot of new things

At the recent SAP TechEd conference in Las Vegas, Michal Krawczyk from Int4, a fellow mentor, conducted a session (NET38702 – which will be repeated in Teched Barcelona), running test scripts in SAP PI/PRO, and

I wanted to create a short wrap up of what I got away from SAP Teched  Las Vegas on the topic of integration. On the integration there is the following topics. There will be a

Next week is SAP Teched Las Vegas 2016.  I’m looking forward to it. After a SAPPHIRENOW with a huge focus on integration and cloud I had expect that there would be a similarly focus here

A month a go I created a webinar on how SAPs B2B Addon stacked up with Seeburger. It was quite a fun webinar I had time to create and there was a good participation. So

I want to share the insight I have gained into the ever-changing world of SAP integration while participating at SAP TechEd 2015. SAP integration has changed a lot over the last couple of years, and