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If you want to do a migration of SAP PI/PO or upgrade one of the first tasks is to figure out what objects was used. It is a process that involved a lot of data

Which scripting capability in SAP Cloud Platform Integration become the dominant one? I had a conversation with a client about which scripting language was better to use in a CPI world. So I wanted to

I’m no user expert but I often see the same kind of request on or SAP PI/CPI testing tool that we have made. The application is made in Open UI5, we started in SAP UI5

Social sharing of your blog on here on blogs.sap.com can be a good way to get visibility. So people can see what you are up to and can see you as an expert. As we all know

On day two I learned quite a lot of new things regarding integration hear at SAPPHIRENOW. You can see my post on day 1 here. On the keynote, integration was again seen as one of

Now SAPPHIRENOW has been kicked off. It is nice to get back and see what is going on. The day started off with the keynote here at Sapphire now. it was Bill McDermott that was

Some Web applications are securing their applications with the x-csrf-token. This requires you to call the service to get a token before you do the modification of the objects. This is at the moment not support

I normally try to make a post about the integration relevant topics that is a most to attend the conferences that I get to attend. Here is last years episode from Sapphirenow. Let me start with

Ever since I started with working on SAP XI 3.0, I resented the way documentation was done. It was in my book just a lot of waste of time because most of the work was

How to get the most out of your SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG conference. If you are used to SAP Teched, it is not the same. The focus is much higher, and business side and you