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Jon Reed and I will be setting up shop studio near the Global Communications area this year with an exciting (we think so anyway) agenda. Apart from the popular Daily Wrap shows which usually include

Those who were not at SAPPHIRE Now might be forgiven if they missed what John Appleby termed ‘possibly the most important news for SAP developers in a decade.’ I don’t know whether I would go

Regular readers will know that I have long championed the cause of SAP developers. They are the lifeblood of innovation. They are, as James Governor says the ‘new kingmakers.’ A few months ago, Jon Reed

When the stalled launch of the all new SCN was announced, I was hyper critical of SAP and its management. A few months on and things have changed, mostly for the better. While in Australia,

Last week I was in Sydney Australia at the Mastering SAP Technologies event, hunting out innovation among our brothers and sisters at that end of the world. It was a great event, reminiscent of the

This was originally posted at my AccMan site for a professional services community. The principles outlined seem to hold true(ish) for many environments. It is cross posted here by request. Enjoy.   Following on from

I’ve just come away from doing my last bit of mentoring another person in the SAP community before hanging up my shirt at SAPPHIRE/TechEd Madrid. It involved reading through something they want to say and

At SAP TechEd Las Vegas, Jon Reed and I cranked out a total of 22 videos. They were a mixture of talking heads, fun stuff, customers and partners as well as our own unique brand

SAP Mentor Daniel Graversen’s blog How to be a small sap software vendor provides tremendous insight into the difficulties that independent developers and contractor experience in proliferating their best work. The cost of test systems

By any numeric measure, SAP’s community is a success. Millions of members, thousands of posts, advice freely given by the armload. From what I can gather it contributes to reducing SAP’s cost of service. One