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Em virtude do Personas Day em Ribeirão Preto e do SAP Inside Track Ribeirão Preto, decidi produzir conteúdo em Português do Brasil, para ajudar na adoção do SAP Screen Personas 3.0. Criei um manual de

Imagine a scenario where you use WEBGUI (SAPGUI for HTML) to access ERP transaction codes via web browser. Then, while testing a specific case, you face an issue. You contact SAP Support via SAP Expert

Hello ITS/WEBGUI Community, I don’t know whether you are familiar with this new wiki. It tells about live technical sessions with SAP experts on different topics. I couldn’t be out of it. 🙂 I am

Hello ITS SCN Community, Take advantage of this opportunity to discuss about how to use the new WEBGUI File Browser with SAP Experts in a virtual session. Bring your questions and doubts, and also feel

Hello ITS SCN Community, Now that our poll is closed, please find below the next step to our first Virtual Round Table. Yes, we intend to have other sessions in the future. Take advantage of

Hello ITS SCN Community, The ITS/WEBGUI is a consolidated technology. It exists since many years and it is available in all Netweaver releases. Until now, if one face a problem with the ITS/WEBGUI, then the

Introdução Esse é um documento que fala sobre um caso envolvendo um problema de SSO baseado em certificados X.509, via Web Dispatcher. Quando o cenário usado era: [ web browser com certificado X.509 ] <->

Decidi compartilhar alguns documentos que criei para colegas do suporte da SAP. Espero que sejam úteis. Este é o primeiro. Nos próximos dias devo publicar mais alguns. Introdução Existem diversas formas de SSO. A nota

Did you know that you can use a configuration file for the WEBGUI Java applet? And that you can have a trace generated by the applet – recorded in the java Console? This document will

In my previous article, you saw that a few SAP notes were implemented via SNOTE. In this blog, I will show what happened in the Health Check feature. Health Check, round 2, fight! When I