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*Consumea Web Service in ABAP* * *It is impossible to implement all of the necessaryfunctions associated with a complex business problem in the same component oreven technology. A modern enterprise infrastructure system must be in theposition 

I know this isn’t one of my ‘normal’ blogs, but I have a question for the SAP developer community. When developing new and custom web applications, which development strategy do you take? I believe there

One of the benefits of being a consultant is the opportunity to utilize new technologies. At the start of new installations clients opt to use the newest technologies ( you always want to guide them

  With the release of BI7.0 SAP introduced a requirement to force the use of a combination of a Java stack along with an ABAP stack.   A majority of the BI ‘engine’ is still

When talking with customers, one of the primary annoyances they have with the SAP Netweaver suite is the lack of adherence to some basic web standards. These standards have been around since the early days

This code sample download is a simple XML  Parsing  iView. View Document

I ‘just’ saw the article on the front door of SDN.  ‘Why ABAP Performs Better in Portal Development than JAVA’  Suffice to say.. I am speechless.. I am opening this weblog so we can have

I noticed a recent posting concerning a new feature in SP3 (or is it SP4?) which would allow portal administrators to quickly link RSS feeds into the portal by utilizing an out of the box