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Craig Cmehil

So last week I had a chance to attend AWS re:invent, which is AWS and Amazon’s major educational event. This was their 5th year for the event and it was huge to say the least.

So in Las Vegas we had a first ever for us, we brought a keg and we had fun with it. Now yes it did have beer but it was IoT enabled and therefore we

So last week was SAP TechEd Las Vegas and now as we settle down, hit our inboxes and see what we forgot to take care of what we have to take care of now I

First as I sit here safe at home I wish to send my thoughts and prayers to those who were affected by the horrible events that took place this past weekend in Las Vegas! It seems

Now a full day hre in Vegas and things are moving along great!  We’ve a lot of things going on like the App Space, SAP CodeJam mini editions and Innovation Talks.  And of course our

So with SAP TechEd Las Vegas just days away (serious it’s like 3 days before I leave) I decided to why not throw a whole other mess on my desk and try something totally new.

Next week is SAP TechEd Las Vegas!      OK, for many that is no surprise but I like surprises so for those of you who thought you knew everything going on I decided to

This past week I was in Bern at the SAP CodeJam – Getting started with HXE. Now we do lots of CodeJam events and we work hard to be sure we have answers while we

Over the past couple of years we have provided a fully configured, optimized for developers and ready to use out of the box version of the SAP HANA platform referred to as the SAP HANA

Since the launch of the SAP HANA express edition we’ve seen amazing interest, growth and adoption. Whether the folks have been using it for development purposes, POC or even production use the demand has been