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Craig Cmehil

SAP always has plenty of cool technology to show — and even unveil — at the SAP TechEd conferences. SAP also packs each event’s agenda with sessions and networking opportunities, so attendees can gain knowledge

So last time I introduced myself, and since then I’ve been trying to keep up with the emails, tweets, dm’s, LinkedIn messages, Facebook messages. I know I’ve liked all the comments and many of you

I guess I need to start off with a little about myself before I go into why I am taking the time to say hello. My name is Craig Cmehil (shhh-may-hill), I know tough last

So the other week I published about the OSS project I participated in and this week I’ve been at QCon London and realized as I showed folks various things about SAP HANA I never really

So I decided I would give something a try. I don’t actually know if it will work and I thought the best to test it was just go totally “productive” right? Only chickens test in

So the other week when my system totally crashed I found myself in need of a way to connect to my SAP HANA express system. Considering I had already been exploring a tool called SQLPAD

Years ago, we had started a little tradition in the community of sharing “What’s in your bag“.   The idea was a chance to share various setups and tools that we used to “get it

Here we are a few days into the new year and already things are off and running! 2017 was a a packed year with lots of activities and for me personally a great year! Not

So last week I had a chance to attend AWS re:invent, which is AWS and Amazon’s major educational event. This was their 5th year for the event and it was huge to say the least.

So in Las Vegas we had a first ever for us, we brought a keg and we had fun with it. Now yes it did have beer but it was IoT enabled and therefore we