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In BPC Optimized for S/4HANA, there are 2 options available to persist the transaction data. One is through the traditional BW layer, for example InfoCube. The other is through ACDOCP table. Below is a comparison

From NetWeaver 740, AMDP( ABAP Managed Database Procedures ) has been supported. With AMDP, developers can write database procedures directly in ABAP. Using AMDP allows developers to create and execute those database procedures in the ABAP environment using

Standard Model 10.0 Standard Model 10.1 Embedded Model 10.1 Embedded Model in 1605 – Simple Finance Embedded Model in 1610 S4HANA – RTC Platform NW 730/740 NW 740/750/751 NW740 SP14/NW 750 SP02 NW 750 SP05

Master Data On the Fly has been a hot requirement in the BPC world. In BPC standard model you can refer to below How To Guide: https://www.sap.com/documents/2015/08/8a51704b-557c-0010-82c7-eda71af511fa.html In this article, I’m going to share my implementation

There are 2 types of locking mechanisms in Analysis Office when you open a workbook: Planning lock – prevent other users to input data into the same workbook WorkBook lock – prevent other users to