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Noob, fledgling, newbie, fresher, beginner, novice, learner, or FNG….call it what you will….I had made the big decision to not just “dip my toes” in SucessFactors (SF) Employee Central (EC), but to “dive in” wholeheartedly

I would describe my HR/HCM experience through the years as “very technical with enough functional knowledge to be dangerous”, so when SAP acquired SuccessFactors in late 2011 and I heard “there is ZERO custom development

Last Friday, I took my SuccessFactors Employee Central -SAP Certified Application Associate exam using the SAP Certification Hub. To say things did not go smoothly is an understatement! (haha) I was already anxious/nervous enough to

        A siren blares waking you from a sleep as the intercoms crackle “WARNING! WARNING! CODE RED! CONDITION CRITICAL!!!”. You jump to your terminal and notice you have over 1000 emails waiting in your inbox

     There have been numerous forum posts clogging up and generally adding to the “noise” of the HCM spaces (yes, people will cross-post or “carpet bomb” posts in places that have nothing to do with

     You built the perfect process. It is a thing of beauty. Efficient. Well-designed. It could not be better. All is good……until it is not!!! What happens when your workflow is set to save data

     I recently “attended” the virtual hack.summit() conference (https://hacksummit.org/). It was actually pretty great….an amazing assortment of speakers from all backgrounds (from the co-founder of Stack Overflow to the creator of Google Glasses to the

     Hey you guys and girls, have any of you heard of this thing called Facebook?!?!?!? What about Twitter? LinkedIn? Google +?….I hear they are gonna be a BIG deal! (hahaha)….by this time, these “social”

    If you ever get involved with HCM P&F in any way, you most assuredly will at some point have to create your own generic service. I will not go into detail of what a

     I generally like things to be “nice and clean”…..code, application execution, documentation, log files, my office….ok, ok…maybe not the last one (haha). This blog will cover a nagging “oddity” of HCM Processes and Forms