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What is the value of a label on a package? For Avery Dennison, it’s an opportunity to make a brand more inspiring, and the world more intelligent. That’s the mantra the company lives by. With

In a recent Shared Services Link webinar, Deliver Savings and Increase Profits: Top Working Capital Management Strategies, attendees identified their top KPIs relating to working capital management. At the top of the list was days

In your mind, is the ability to pay an invoice without having someone grab, sort, route, validate, match, code, fix, and approve what is submitted on paper nothing but pure magic? Then it’s time to

Last weekend, I traded my tennis racquet for a road bike and joined the SAP Cycling Team for the inaugural Cycling 4 Vets ride around the hills of Livermore, California. The team of riders was

A recent McKinsey & Company newsletter article, What digital really means, focused on how to evolve as a digital business. The issue is top of mind for organizations looking to maintain a competitive edge in

What butter is to bread, the nail to a hammer, paper is, or has been, to accounts payable. In a world of paper, it can take a lot of smoke and mirrors to get an

In the first half of this post last week, we identified five obstacles to networked payables that may prevent your accounts payable organization from thriving in a digital economy. This time, we’ll look at the

Managing accounts payable transactions at the speed of the Internet offers advantages today that span many dimensions. You can compress your invoice processing cycle time, lower invoice processing costs, virtually eliminate invoice errors, and better

To improve how you order and pay for goods and services to run your business, is your model more closely aligned with digital connections or pizza delivery? The issue came up in a breakout session

When automating a business process, do you prefer a solution that is easy to set up and run, or one that has a broader scope and more effectively supports your business objectives? In sports, many