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Guided Answers is an application that helps you troubleshoot and find solutions to known problems. More information about Guided Answers can be found here. Across the SAP product portfolio seamless authentication and access for an

Often searching for a solution to a problem in IdM can mean trying to find an old SCN thread or SAP Note. There is also an additional resource that is available (setup by the IdM

From working some time on the IdM topics there are some basic activities that can help performance of the system if you are new to IdM. The first good source of information is the ‘SAP

Every day it is fantastic to see the collaborative efforts in the IdM community with some really talented IT experts sharing their knowledge (Topic leader board take a bow 🙂    ) with the greater IdM

I’ve been working in SAP support for over ten years and have worked the majority of this time in supporting security related topics. However it isn’t true that old dogs can’t be taught new tricks

In the first part of my blog we looked at assigning privileges to an identity in the IDM system. In this part we will look at how to check the status of this assignment. Once

If you are new to SAP Netweaver Identity Management then hopefully these blogs will help to familiarize yourself with the common tasks you may have to carry out. One of the main tasks as a

SAP Netweaver Identity Management 7.2 (IDM) is now available for download via the SAP Service Marketplace at www.service.sap.com/swdc . Also released is the latest patch SP3. With this new release Oracle 11 database is now supported

<body><p>I wanted to allow my user’s logon to my ABAP server using X.509 client certificates. I knew of the SAP Passports option to enable this but could not find any guide outside the online help that