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Christopher Aron

SAP recently released our first set of prepackaged Business to Business (B2B) integration modules for our Cloud Integration service. This first set of B2B modules, which have been posted to our Integration content catalog, include

Before joining SAP, I worked for AT&T Mobility in their Big Data and Business Model Innovation Group (2011-2014) as a product manager. In summary, this division was focused on a lot of hot growth areas

What is Enterprise Messaging and Why is it Important? Publish/Subscribe systems have been around since the late 80s[1], and popular protocols like MQTT since 1999[2]. But the reason they are becoming more prominent in PaaS

Have you ever wanted to intelligently automate employee onboarding, approval of expense reports or any other repeat process orientated tasks? Well now you can with SAP Cloud Platform’s new Workflow service (announced recently at Mobile

Having worked closely with cloud platforms and technologies over the past couple of years has helped me recognize the importance of establishing a seamless integrated landscape in order to facilitate compelling cloud application development programs.