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Christoforos Verras

Hi all, In this blog I will show how to do the ID Mapping for Integration for Employees, that is required in C4C implementations where Integration with ERP is in scope. The basic idea is

Hi all, In the previous blog I described to you the weird behavior of our system (ERP – HCI – C4C), whenever a change was made in a customer. In this blog I will explain

Hi all, In our implementation we have ERP – HCI – C4C integrated and I noticed the following behavior. In C4C (Sales) when employee Alex was inside a customer’s screen, adding him as the “Employee

In the previous blog we described how to set up an ODBC Connection with the HCP Trial. In the second part we will see how to use Node.js First we have to download and install

Hi all, Recently, I needed to upload excel files on HANA but not via the navigation. Because what I wanted, was to find an automated way to upload multiple files at once. After lots of