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With the support of a strong partner ecosystem in our corner, Red Hat provides extensive choice of deployment options for big data applications, from new hardware configurations to the ability to leverage public, private and

Developers looking to build applications with SAP database solutions now have access to components of the SAP® Data Management portfolio in OpenShift.   The mobile data management cartridge for the SAP SQL Anywhere suite, available to

You’ve seen much from Red Hat recently about record-setting performance by Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Our customers – many of whom rely on Red Hat Enterprise Linux for their most mission-critical or performance-intensive workloads –

First servers and now Data Centers.  I am happy to see more tools and measurements being created to support the effort for businesses to achieve energy efficiency.  What is interesting is that this is not

Solaris ZFS offers a dramatic advantage in data management and I wanted to share.  We have more and more customers using ZFS (coupled with Solaris Containers) that I wanted to take a moment to point to

On Thursday, October 29th at SAP in Palo Alto, the Churchill Club and GABA hosted a “Energy Efficiency” Discussion that had panel members such as Peter Graf, Chief Sustainability Officer and Executive VP of Sustainability

Managing an application landscape on multiple servers, driven by multiple databases, becomes a significant, time and energy-consuming proposition. Here are some of the pain points:   Insufficient server utilization: Some machines are panting while others

The attention and need for green and sustainable organizations has been happening for quite some time – both because it’s the right thing to do and because engineers really know how to approach it.   There is an

In my role, I create the marketing and technical objectives for the Sun Alliance with SAP.  A large chunck of my time is spent creating assets that help educate users about how to best leverage Sun technology for