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Buying domestically helps communities minimize carbon footprints, support local businesses, and keep tax dollars close to home. Schoolhouse Electric does just that. A Portland-based maker and retailer of handmade, iconic lighting, furniture, and domestic home

The countdown has started. Only days until John Matthews kicks off his 3,400-mile, cross-country bike ride, called Ride Hard. Breathe Easy. John is riding to raise awareness and funds for lung cancer in memory of his

Some people are born with a natural eye for business opportunity. Jonah Manning, Founding Partner of Consortium, LLP, is one of those people—he saw opportunity to capitalize on shifting global trends. Studies show that millennials

I’ve been a marketer for a B2B company for the past six years. I love my job, but lately, I’ve been thinking that it’s time to grow my career in a new direction. In my

In today’s über-connected world, people are increasingly incentivized to take accountability for their health.  With wearable devices tracking everything from sleep cycles to heart rates to steps taken, friends and family members hold each other

It takes just one person to make monumental change. And that’s exactly what John Matthews is doing. This August, John will embark on a nearly 3,400-mile bike ride across the entire United States.  He will

Were you at HIMSS 2017 this past week? I was, and the word buzzing all over the Orange County Convention Center was cloud. As I walked the show floor and perused different sessions, the most

I remember when I was ten years old and my older sister, unbeknownst at the time, fell to the floor of our home shower after having been misdiagnosed for what we learned was pneumonia. Three

Did Science Fiction predict the future of healthcare in the modern world? Dr. Bertalan Mesko, MD thinks so. He’s actually dedicated his entire career to exploring this notion. From printable human tissue to freezing body

In a recent Oxford Economics study, “Healthcare Gets Personal,” 120 healthcare professionals were asked to respond to questions regarding their organizations’ use of personalized medicine. Of those surveyed, over two-thirds reported improved patient outcomes from