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With the SAP Lumira 1.22 release you can now create text elements that contain dynamic text and will be updated when the dataset is refreshed, ensuring up-to-date content*. For this blog I am focusing on

When creating a Lumira story there is often a need to link to additional information, this may be an external website or via open document links to other reports / stories that contain more detailed

Primarily, the SAP Fiori launchpad is the entry point to Fiori apps. First of all, the launchpad displays various tiles. Tiles are rectangular objects that provide access to applications. Which tiles are displayed on a

SAP Lumira desktop lets you create stories that contain third-party visualization extensions. Lumira stories containing custom extensions can be published from SAP Lumira desktop to SAP Lumira Server, however they can only be viewed on

After SAP Lumira Server installation there are a variety of features such as publishing data from SAP lumira desktop to SAP Lumira server or enablement of the discovery service that need to be configured in

Ever wanted to schedule your data from SAP Lumira desktop to SAP Lumira Cloud? In the past you have been able to schedule your entire lums file using SAP Lumira Agent, but then you can

Until now the user experience for visualization creation on SAP Lumira Cloud has been very different from SAP Lumira desktop. With the latest SAP Lumira Cloud release SAP has unified the data discovery experience between

With SAP Lumira Cloud you can publicly embed a Lumira storyboards into any other webpage. Public stories no longer require users to log on to SAP Lumira Cloud, allowing Anonymous viewing of stories. In order

With the latest SAP Lumira 1.14 release and update to SAP Lumira Cloud, you can re-publish your datasets to Lumira Cloud and hence update your data as well as all stories and visualizations that are

In SAP Lumira you can create stories that provide a graphical narrative to describe your data by grouping charts together on boards in order to create simple presentation style dashboards. With the latest SAP Lumira