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Ever wondered, what central CTS is all about? Sick of reading 40 page long white papers? Here is what you need: central CTS in under 2 minutes!

Okay, today, let me try to resolve some confusion out there, when it comes to the naming and especially the meaning of the CTS-related products and features. You all might have heard of CTS, CTS+

Welcome back! SAP TechEd Las Vegas and Amsterdam were a blast! But now, I am back at my desk and will continue to share some change control insights with you! In the last two posts

As SAP TechEd 2013 Las Vegas is probably going to rock your week, don’t forget about the great sessions on software change control! My colleagues will give you your dollars forth of cool new SAP

Last time (part I of this series), I tried to establish, how important protecting your production systems is – I guess that was not at all a hard sell, was it? I introduced the component-based

In todays most complex IT environments, advanced software change processes (and with it advanced tools) are not a luxury anymore, but a core requirement! Keeping all the changes manageable, be revision safe and compliant –

Hey SAP-nerds, do you remember me? No? Well, that’s probably my fault – we were very, very busy programming and testing and all of this tech stuff. But guess what – we actually built something

It has been over a year since we first introduced the concepts behind central CTS here on SDN. We used this time wisely and built, what we believe to be the first step of the

Maybe there is still something missing on your schedule for this years SAP TechEd – how about the lecture ALM210 – CTS: It’s One Tool to Control Your Changes? Why? Well, here is why…

The existing SAP Change and Transport System (Change and Transport System) has grown over the years from early R/3 days into what it is today – a stable and proven solution for managing and transporting