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Introduction Last week I shared my thoughts on how and why SAP HANA is the one big invention in IT within the last years. I also tried to make my point in why HANA could

First of all, I think that IT is still a dynamic environment. I know that if you go to SAP TechEd, or DSAG (here in Germany) or any other IT fair, you can see the

In my System Landscape planning with Global and Local Zones – Part 1 blog post on the topic of “System Landscape Planning“, I started with the differences in System Virtual Machines and Zoning (aka Partitioning,

Whether you think about virtualization of hardware or you already are in the virtualization, the main question is “How do I separate my individual systems?”.   This blog is comprised of 2 parts. This first

Implementing a Federated Portal Network on SAP NetWeaver Portal 7 Introduction In this rather longish blog I will show you how to setup a Federated Portal Network (FPN) between two NetWeaver 7 portals and use

With Federated Portal Network, SAP offers organizations a technology to create content on one portal that can then be accessed (that is consumed) from another portal. This gives you quite some possibilities, because you can

In this series of posts I’d like to share my findings on the way from HR 4.7 to HCM (ERP 6) with an emphasis on the technical part of implementing Employee Self Services (ESS). As