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See what happened up to here in part 1. Next I fired up my WebIDE and created just a new folder to contain this application. At this point big thanks to SAP, there is a

The other day I ran into an issue with the SAP web app https://go.support.sap.com/minisap/ to generate a new license keys for my netweaver developer version. The app did show just an empty shell and no content. Really

For a simple message or confirmation box in an FPM application (akin to e.g. MessageBox in UI5), the needs confirmation mechanism of the framework provides a simple option. Next best I know of, would be

The SAPUI5 developer guide describes how to deploy a SAPUI5 application project to the SAPUI5 repository on the ABAP server in minute detail (https://sapui5.hana.ondemand.com/sdk/docs/guide/UI5BSPRepository.html). Technically, the files of the SAPUI5 application are stored as a

If you want to debug into what is happening in the ABAP application server when you access an HTTP URL on it with your browser, there are several places to set an external breakpoint which

It is not trivial to find the coding, that hides behind an HTTP URL for the AS ABAP. URLs on the AS ABAP need to be published and activated first of all in the service