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In this post, I will describe SRS Business Continuity solution based on Multi Site Availability feature. Multi Site Availability (MSA) can be considered as an extension of Warm Standby that we saw in previous post

In this post, I will describe SRS Business Continuity solution based on Warm Standby feature. Introduction. SRS-based versus other Cluster-based Business Continuity solutions.Before talking about SRS Business Continuity solutions and Warm/Standby, let’s compare them to 

In the next posts, I will present SAP SRS and how it enables Business Continuity solutions. Some brief words of history.1993. Sybase Replication Server (SRS in short) pioneered the database software replication. SRS was born

This article is the continuation of my previous post about SAP ASE Cluster Edition 15.7. I will detail now installation setup, administration tools and some advanced features of this Business Continuity solution. Installation.By contrast to

In my previous post, I described SAP ASE with HA Option. SAP ASE with HA Option provides enhancements as compared to vendor failover solutions. In this post, I will present another Business Continuity solution which

In my last posts (“Business Continuity with SAP ASE –  Server Availability Solutions (1/2 and 2/2)“), I described failover cluster solutions of various vendors. I will continue our journey in High Availability solutions with SAP

Integration of SAP ASE with Prominent Cluster Solutions This article is the continuation of  “Business Continuity with SAP ASE –  Server Availability Solutions (1/2)“. It details SAP ASE integration with major vendors cluster solutions. Symantec

In my last post, I described server recovery solutions. They are manual and slow, and used for disaster recovery purposes. For mission-critical applications with rigorous high availability requirements, one must rely on automatic and quick

In continuation of my first post, I will describe the first level of Business Continuity solutions with SAP SYBASE ASE: server recovery solutions.  Server recovery solutions deal with restoring activity on a new server.  I

In this blog series, I will share the database perspective to achieve Business Continuity with SAP SYBASE solutions. Business continuity is really about a) Ensuring High Availability of business and operational systems and b) Disaster