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When designing a workflow in HR , we have various ways to define a Workflow Rule, A WF Rule is way which is used at runtime to determine the approver of the task. Assume the

Hiring form is different form other forms which we normally design in forms and processes. Other forms like transfer form , termination form uses employee number as a start object whereas when we are hiring

Lot of efforts and enegry we waste on providing transports sequence when working on forms and processes, In a normal case for a F&P we have following transports 1. Adobe Form 2. Workflow 3. Hundreds

I am sure, the scariest and most tensed moment of SAP Consultant can not be other than project Go Live Date. We have few ways like through to minimise the risks like 1. Good Quality

Hi, In this document, I will show some important transactions for HCM Forms and Processes. Content on this topic is not available on the net hence I thougth of creating a doucment and publishing it

HR Data IDOCs filtering can be acheived in various ways, it can be done through ABAP Programe or there through few simple configuration steps. Let’s assume a scenario where a message type is created and

In this Document, I will display the use of Change Pointers in HR and will also show limitation of the same and an effective way to overcome that limitation. Change Pointers: We can use change

Function module ZHR0275_DYN_MGR_FETCH is created the logic for the same is Function Group – ZHR0275_MANAGER_FETCH Import: OBJID, OTYPE, LEVEL Tables: Output TYPE ZH0275_T_DYN_MGR 1.     A standard FM RH_GET_LEADING_POSITION is called in a loop whose number

Purpose This Document displays the method provided by SAP to enhance the SBWP SBWP has an option to have custom field added in the layout, as illustrated in the screenshot below, SAP has provided option

ABAP Connection or RFC Destination needs to be checked before calling any remote enabled function module, if connection is  checked prior to a Remote function module call, we can avoid system dumps whenever RFC destination