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Chethan Lingaraju

Hello Readers Ever wanted to know the list of objects in your ATL file before importing? Custom built VB-Script can do this for you. Usage: 1. Select all your ATL files, Right click -> “Send

Hello Readers 🙂 How do you usually delete objects from repository? Navigate across tabs in “Local Object Library” Visually identify object names Hit delete button & click yes for delete confirmation That becomes a tedious

Hello Readers Ever ended up in a situation to export each object to a separate ATL file? Like, you have 500 jobs in a repository and you want to export it to 500 ATL files.

Ever got into a situation where you had to list out child workflows and dataflows of a job? May be for documenting, or may be for checking object usages, Real challenge is when you have

What if you have to search and replace some text in source file before reading it in BODS? First thing which comes up to our mind is to use the function “replace_substr”. If we have

Why do we need substitution parameters in excel? 😕 In designer, we see substitution parameters in a grid view. Whereas, when we have to export it, we will only have XML and ATL as option.