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As like most of my blogs, this one is going to be about the goings on at Barnsley MBC where I work.  We are currently going through a large digital transformation at Barnsley, with the

Hi reader, this blog post is short and sweet, as i wanted to share a funny story with the community. Here at Barnsley MBC we are currently going through large scale digital transformation, by including

I wanted to write this blog because I have been working in Local Government IT at BMBC now for seven years, and developing Fiori since last November and i just wanted to share our Fiori

Within our organisation we had a requirement to customise one of the error message used by My Leave Request.  The message in question was “Payroll Area &1 Locked”, we needed it to say something more

With in my organisation we had a requirement to create training content for staff you do not have access to the corporate network.  The way we decided to get around this was to create Unlisted

Hi This blog is a continuation my earlier Full Day/Half Day Customisation of My Leave Requests post. PLEASE NOTE:  I am also assuming you readers have already deployed their applications from the WebIDE to their

Welcome to my first blog post.  I hope you find this informative/useful.  This post is about how I customised the My Leave Request App within my organisation to meet our corporate policy. For this post