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Chandra Shekhar Agarwal

As i saw in no. of thread(s) peoples are looking for learning SAP ABAP, but due to some costly training or financial problem or can be something else, they are not able to join institutes.

Error: While working on Web Dynpro Application, when the application is not accessed (left inactive) for a longer duration, when we come back to or Screen, it shows an error, Session Time out. To resolve

Hello all, Welcome to my Blog … Hope I will be able to make you busy for 5 minutes and won’t make you feel bored 🙂 First of all, a Big thanks to Ankita Chhabra

Create a new Web Dynpro Component. Create a new View and window. Write the following code in the wddomodifyview method of view.. METHOD wddomodifyview . ” For dynamic Programing we need to write code in