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The fundamental operating principles have remained relatively unchanged. Decoding the core-competencies in knowledge-based economies notably in IT Industry; where it is broadly characterized by projects and the competencies reside within the distinctive knowledge and abilities

Nothing but gratitude for the beauties of life! To reflect the year gone by is a tendency inherent in human thought. A certain time in one’s life yields a meaning that illuminates more brightly than

The difference among the similarities is the most precious thing and the most sought after uniqueness in business and as well in one’s life; strange, puzzling, enigmatic, distinctive, mystifying and inexplicable as it is but

Happy New Year! Wishing you all a very happy new year! May this new year bring all the opportunities your way to discover the joys of life and may your resolutions for the days ahead

The Business Blueprint The business blueprint in all its essence is the genuine, realistic and conclusive detailing of our understanding of the scope, the specifications and the completeness of the solution design to be fulfilled

Essential Steps in Assuring Solution Quality The promise to ensure quality in solution design and development is all about compliance to client specific requirements; enduring to fulfill and exceeding the promise all the time, is

SCN Today on The SCN Home Page SCN, years in its presence in a modest yet astonishing journey has been an impeccable voice in connecting all those involved in bringing about business-transformations through SAP solutions

Integrating TPM with TPO: Customizing Point of View United products promotion optimization solutions like this provide thoughtful and essential benefits by delivering connecting points enhancing the primary capabilities with the all new SAP Trade Promotion

Optimizing Trade Promotions When we have to blueprint the best and the most effective trade promotions that maximizes the truly desired outcome for the companies as well as the consumers, the companies  pragmatically will need

The All New ASAP 8 Methodology Enterprise IT solutions provide distinguished capabilities to a company in running their day-to-day business operations literally changing the dynamics of relations and interactions within as well as outside the