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Nanda Anantha

Purpose: I have requirement to use UDTF (User Defined Table Function) parameters in BEx report however I ended with lot of issues/errors and could not able to go further however finally I figured out proper

Objective: When we are working on BW to HANA migration projects, we may convert existing Multiprovider to Composite provider however comparison is always difficult job to check all mappings are correct between MultiProvider and Composite

Objective: Every organization use multiple reports like Sales, Shipping, Billing and Profit & Loss to make good business decision. In this all areas we might have developed and used huge BEx reports, in all reports

Blog Overview Issue In Past few years SAP BEx designer changed/improved and added few options, however never added an option like deriving characters/strings/flags or status based on business logic ( like Completed, Open, In-Progress, True

Blog Overview In SCN community, noticed few people asking how to display unit as separate column instead of behind the value. Initial I thought its quite complex as we have only two options. Modeling level

I have come across a typical situation and requirement to identify new records in(G/L Account master data) 🙁 . The actual business requirement was everyday we use to bring full load G/L master data into

Purpose: Making data available from BW system to another system is common and regular activity. When extracting data from report or any other sources we may have negative values like 100.00- , while updating same

Issue: I have ZGL_ACCNT with two compounding object 1 Chart of accounts 2 Logical Source System. Created variable and using in BEx Report. As per my requirement I need restrict F4 values for G/L Account

Requirement: There is report which needs to display delivery status based on delivery date, let say if delivery date is less than or equal to current month then delivery status is “Completed” , if delivery

Purpose: Find unused InfoObjects which are available in any Infoprovider (Multiprovider,InfoCube and DSO),                  and NOT used in any report which are built on provided infoprovider. Step 1 : Run Given ABAP program and provide