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Enric Castella Gonzalez

Hello again, In the Part I of the tutorial we saw how to configure SCI with SCP. In this part II we will see how to configure SAP Gateway and SCP for the trust connection. This

Hello everyone, This time one of our customers give us with a new challenge. Deploy an application in SAP Cloud Platform, use SAP Cloud identity as an identity provider and obtain data from an on-premise

Hello everyone, After a period of inactivity, I bring you a couple of very useful libraries for SAP HANA XS engine. One of our applications requires that certain information is transmitted securely between SAP UI5 and

After two years in the SAP innojam it was time to rest and assit to the talks in the Teched. I could only be one afternoon and these are my impressions:   SAP Hana cloud

Hi all, Today I would like to comment on an indispensable (free)software in the continuous delivery of our projects. The official definition is: “SonarQube provides the capability to not only show health of an application

Hi, After preparing the Fiori application for request and approval of travel expenses may not generate the approval workflow for the manager. This has happened to us after deploying the application. Fortunately with a little research

Hi, After working on a project where the connectivity of the pc was not desirable, we came to the conclusion that we needed something more than the component-preload to minimize the load of the application.

In some cases the customer needs a personalized login based on standard Fiori logon. This tutorial shows how to customize the standard fiori login. This tutorial is based on https://archive.sap.com/discussions/thread/3904983     Step 1: Create

Fiori is based on roles, but sometimes customize launchpad could be difficult. In my case, I need to customize different tiles from different countries. This task is easy and large task using roles. I can