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In the previous blog we’ve learned how to define and implement navigation between 2 entities in an OData V4 service, based on the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for service development. We’ve covered the most usual

Note: If you don’t like reading, just scroll down to the end of this page to view the full source code.   But if you do like reading, I’d like to ask you to read

This blog is about Property Facets, which is a very common way of adding metadata to the metadata of an OData service metadata. Apart from metadating it is also about coding. But only the necessary

For the next instance of type Edm.Blog… I’ve thought of choosing the ComplexType… Although our blog will be rather a simple type…. As usual 😉 This blog is part of our series of blogs for

Hello. Today is a good day to be creative and add the CREATE capability to our OData service. New here? Then please check here to understand what is all about.   Note: If you don’t

After the first exciting fun-event of having our first OData service in the cloud, after celebrating the success and enjoying the applause… now let’s go the next steps and learn a bit more   Note:

OK, the first blog of this series was meant for those of you who don’t like reading – for this one you’ll need much more patience, as it will contain many many words…. Take a breath

Prerequisites   This page tries to collect information required for following the series of blogs about creating OData services with SAP Cloud Platform SDK for service development   Java The SAP Cloud SDK for service development

Don’t expect many words… just do it: Create OData V4 service using Java code SAP Cloud Platform SDK for service development SAP Cloud Platform   OK, enough polite words…;-)… now go ahead – and stay

This blog explains in detail how to create a project in Eclipse to get started for developing an OData V4 service based on the SAP Cloud Platform SDK for service development. It also aims to