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Hi all, Despite having authorizations for this InfoProvider, an error on a DTP ( XXX -> YYY ) is produced while executing a process chain. The message displayed is: But the user does have authorization

Hi all, If you migrate the datasource 2LIS_08TRTK, you have to migrate the infosource and the transformation too: And if you try to do this, you get the next error: “Transformation can not be activated

Hi all, I used SAP Lumira to analyze the information on the Spanish Football League 2013/14 and to show it using tables and diagrams easy to understand and visually attractive for the user. In this

Hi all, After activating the data flow from Business Content (7.4), a dump occurs while loading standard DSO 0PUR_O01, when the DTP (2LIS_02_ITM / DECCLNT100 -> 0PUR_O01) is executed. This error is produced because the

Hi all, A dump OBJECTS_NOT_CHARLIKE occurred while loading standard DSO 0SD_O05, when the DTP (2LIS_11_VAKON / DECCLNT100 -> 0SD_O05) was executed, particularly in the marked transformation in field 0KPRICE mapping: The 0KPRICE formula is the

Symptom When attempting to view the “User Security” of a folder in the Central Management Console (CMC) web application, the following error is displayed: An server error occurred during security batch commit: Request 0 of