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Dear Community, Finding out where in the ABAP code a message has been raised is really easy now! Read this article and discover how to do it! When you get an error and you double

As a support engineer, now and then I get incidents that are caused by a SORT PXXXX BY BEGDA DESCENDING ABAP command (Could be also SORT by ENDDA). Normally this kind of sentences are placed

Have you ever heard of PANKS? PANKS is an acronym that stands for Performance Assistant Note and KBAS Search and as its name implies, it’s a new tool that searches for SAP Notes and KBAS

Not long ago, in March 2013, Automated Notes Search tool was delivered as a standard application. Although ANST has got excellent feedback from customers and partners, we know there’s nothing that cannot be improved and

Introduction Database inconsistencies are often difficult to fix once they occur, therefore it’s worth being well informed about their causes in order to prevent them. Harmful Abap code is often being those database inconsistencies. In

After publishing the blog Automated Note Search and Customer Code Detection, on 16.12.2010 a great expectation around the new application was created and we received many positive comments as well as requests for piloting. Now,

I just read an interesting blog called “Creating Effective Customer Messages (OSS Notes)”:   Creating Effective Customer Messages (OSS Notes)   Now, from my experience in SAP Support I would like to add something that

New application to solve problems for ABAP transactions and reports: This is a completely new approach to problem solving based on the process trace. I include an explanation on how it works as well as

Hi Guys, I’d like to share with the HCM community some hints on how to customize the HRFORMS payslip so that the settings in Infotype P0655 are taken into account. In the case of PE51

Warning: The information contained in this blog is obsolete! (Hay una versión en español debajo). In case of illness (or other absences relevant for Social Security), function EPRO1 does not reduce the amount of prorrata