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Back in 2015 I wrote the blog What can I do it MRP does not plan a material? trying to help people to solve one of the most common problems related to the MRP execution, that

SAP offers a program called Influence, where customers can suggest new features to be implemented in the SAP standard software. In 2017, component LO-BM, was selected to take part in the Influence program and customers were

I have been in contact with several customers who are upgrading to SAP S/4HANA recently and I was really surprised when two of these customers decided to implement the subcontracting scenario without the use of

As I mentioned in my previous blog https://blogs.sap.com/2017/03/24/industry-solution-functionalities-available-in-standard-s4-hana/ , several functionalities that were restricted to industry solutions are now available in S/4 HANA. One of the most useful of those functionalities is the interchangeability of parts,

As I already explained in my previous blog MRP: Simplification on S/4HANA, a new logic called Simplified Sourcing was implemented for the source determination. When we talk about the source of determination for internal procurement, the major

When we research about production planning in S/4 HANA, we can find a lot of documentation about the cool new S/4 HANA features, such as MRP Live and Embedded PP/DS, and also about all the simplified

When we research about S/4 HANA, we find a lot of information about the simplified scenarios or about the cool new features, such as MRP Live, Embedded PP/DS or Accelerated ATP. However, there is an relevant

When an organization runs the SAP ERP for several years, the discontinuation of materials is common and necessary practice. Usually, the deletion flag is set for discontinued materials or a status is set, in order to

As I explained on my previous blog MRP on HANA: What’s new?, when the MRP on HANA optimization is activated by business function LOG_PPH_MDPSX_READ, we can choose if we want keep running the classic MRP, using the

Hello Everyone, this is my first blog in the new SCN and I’ll continue the serie of documents about capacity leveling that I have started in the old SCN. I have recently worked for a customer where