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hostname:sidadm 77> ./StartServer.sh Starting SDM – Software Deployment Manager… tc/SL/SDM/SDM/sap.com/SAP AG/7.0025.20110914062518.0000 JStartupFramework is active Operation mode of SDM in JStartupFramework is “Integrated”. Check if Server is running already. OK server is not running. Enable SDM


Good Day, I had a problem last week doing a cross system restore using brtools when it tries to rename the control files SOURCE : SID1TARGET : SID2 BR0668I Warnings or errors occurred – you

We had the problem where by our backups for archive logs to disk was not running in parallel which causes problems if the system generates 100gig of archive logs in a very short period of

Small reminder of daylight savings this weekend Below are some notes thats might be usefull Note 102088 – Reducing downtime when changing from summer to winter time Note 7417 – Conversion between standard time and

Definition of TDMS Due to the limitations of available tools, most companies simply create a complete copy of the productive system,  including the entire data repository and all administrative settings whether or not this information

To Find UNLINKED files (Files that was removed but still holds space on filesystem) A while back i had the problem with a core file was deleted but the space on the OS was not

This is a quick guide how to create a DBCO connection to an External Oracle Database- First you create the TNSNAMES.ORA entry, in this case i create a new one called TST.WORLD make sure you

Today we had an issue where we where unable to view any jobs in the production client but was able to see it in client 000, Viewing from production client you see below Viewing from

I played around today on a test system with backups and had a problem that could help someone. I restored the database using POINT IN TIME. The full and incremental restore was completed, I had

I find this to be very handy when we have a situation where we require troubleshooting in terms of performance as you can see exactly what was running when, how much memory/cpu utilization etc. To