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The underlying platform SCN is moving from Jive to AnswerHub.  There will be a number of changes to how SCN operates as a result and in addition to that transition.  Primary among those are: 1. 

Dirk Boessmann, Senior Vice President for Mobile Development of SAP, spoke at the North Carolina PowerBuilder User Group Meeting on May 8th, 2015 in a talk entitled “Moving Forward with SAP PowerBuilder”.  He was already

There are two PowerBuilder related conferences coming up in early 2015 in the US: ISUG-TECH 2015 North Carolina PowerBuider User Group March 30th to April 1st Atlanta, Georgia ISUG-TECH 2015 The conference covers a variety

Microsoft has recently announced a new feature of Windows Azure called RemoteApp that allows Windows applications to be hosted on Azure and then run via RDP on the desktop as well as mobile devices, including

One of the new features introduced with PowerBuilder.Net 12.5 was the ability to create WCF web services.  The version of the product also introduced a client for REST web services as well, and a WCF

Recently someone asked me how they could get the output from PBDOM used from a PowerBuilder Classic Win32 application formatted with white space as PBDOM doesn’t include it.  I gave them a number of options,

There are five sessions overall, although two are repeats of earlier sessions. Number Title Presenter Day Time Summary DMM115 SAP PowerBuilder 15 – The Overview John Strano, SAP Wed 10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. See

We’re going to look at using the Smart Card SDK provided in more recent versions of Windows (XP and later).  Earlier versions of Windows had an ActiveX installed called CAPICOM which could be accessed from

d-Code is the SAP’s annual IT conference, held in four worldwide locations:( generally China, United States, Europe and India).  This years events are: Shanghai: March 13–14, 2014 (already happened) Las Vegas: October 20–24, 2014 Berlin:

Monday Location It’s good not to be in Las Vegas.  The location in Atlanta is rather convenient.  You can take a MARTA train straight from the airport to a shopping mall close to the hotel