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I’m seeing a lot of activity on the forums about common problems when you’re first getting started wth Visual Studio .NET 2010. In this blog I address the three most common ones. It may also

I was recently given the Crystal Reports 2011 pre-release software  for review (a 90 day keycode) and the first thing I did was go to the  SAP download area. I wanted to download and save

Compared to many business intelligence options available in the  market,  Crystal Reports has one stand out feature that makes it the top  software  in its domain. It enables BI administrators to attain  outstanding speed  from

Crystal Reports can make it easy to generate reports that display   complex data in an easy to read format. A well-designed report will   often be used throughout your company for many years to come. When  

The Group Expert offers several advanced options for the display of   groups. When grouping on a date field, there is an additional option   which groups by various time periods, both calendar (day, week, month,   etc.)

Shared variables are a great way to pass data between the subreport and the main report. But you have to be careful because using them requires following certain rules. Let’s review what these rules are.

BusinessObjects InfoView is a thin client app for viewing your BI information. This can include reports, dashboards, scorecards, etc. A user can open any web browser to navigate through their information and personalize how they

In the last note I discussed the manager who decided not to use Crystal Reports Server and instead decided to build a custom ASP.NET solution to serve reports. While this may be fine if he

On a recent forum post, I saw a user complaining that it was too difficult to get CR Server installed, so they are just going to write an ASP.NET web page to host their reports.

When reading the blogs, I often see people post the version number for their instance of Crystal Reports. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to know if their version is current with the latest service pack or not.