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Recently I found myself needing to expose one of my HCP (HANA Cloud Platform) applications to the outside world without any authentication. While this is probably not the most common scenario it still can happen

At the end of March I was approached by my good friend and colleague John Appleby with a challenge: “Let’s build an IOT real time healthcare demo for SAPPHIRE” So we did, and in this

It still surprises me how many SMP/SUP implementations I work on where the replacement of the server SSL certificates is left to the last minute when in fact it only takes about 20 mins to

For the Keynote at SAP TechEd/d-code 2014 Las Vegas, we built out a quarter trillion row model in a single scale-up HANA system. John has put together a great high level overview of the solution

As a veteran of many Sybase Unwired and SAP Mobility platform implementations using Mobile Business Objects or MBOs I am frequently faced with the question of whether to use MBOs or not for new projects.

This document aims to bring together all of the web resources for the SAP Mobility Platform – release 3.0. I encourage everybody to add to this document as new content becomes available – It can

Edit 28th Feb: The URL to access the OData service is incorrect below, this bypasses the SMP server and goes directly to the OData service. The correct URL to use after registration is http[s]://<smpServer>:<port>/application.reverse.domain so

What is JADS JADS is a by developers for developers light-weight web server designed to cater specifically for SAPUI5 development with OData proxying. Background I do quite a bit of work with SAPUI5/Fiori and web

“So, what developer tools do you prefer?” One of the most telling questions about any developer and one of the most exciting for the listener as there is nothing more fun that hearing about a

Hi All, The Data Geek Challenge is brilliant and a great way to get people to try out the new platform SAP Lumira. I must say I really enjoyed it and within 10 minutes of