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The Star Trek theme at SAP TechEd is probably my favorite way yet that SAP has chosen to reveal the latest and greats in enterprise technology. As Elvira Wallis (Captain of the IoT Smart Connected

It is my pleasure to announce that, after much deliberation, we have arrived at the Top 200 submissions for the Prototype Challenge as part of the openSAP course “Touch IoT with SAP Leonardo.” As a

For those of you who missed SAP CEO Bill McDermott’s keynote address at SAPPHIRE NOW, let me share with you a few highlights: Addressing SAP’s customers directly, Bill started by saying, “I’ve always believed that

We’re happy to announce that a new free openSAP course will start on June 7, and it’s called Touch IoT with SAP Leonardo. For those keeping score at home, the first version of this course

I was walking through the grocery store the other day and couldn’t help but purchase a bottle of wine called DaVinci Chianti. Perhaps it’s an occupational hazard, being a part of the team responsible for SAP

“Imagine IoT” started as a MOOC, that is, a massive open online course that anyone could join to learn the fundamentals of the Internet of Things. The idea was to humanize a bit of an

Just this week, openSAP concluded “Imagine IoT,” a free online course that not only covered the fundamentals of the Internet of Things, but also included a prototype challenge for participants to experience first-hand how to

I was recently interviewed about a new openSAP course called Imagine IoT. It provides an introduction to the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and trends, a closer look at free IoT tools and resources provided

In case you missed Björn Goerke’s TechEd 2016 keynote last night, let me give you the shorthand version. He arrived on stage in a DeLorean “Back to the Future” style and shared a story of

Last week I shared details on “Imagine IoT,” the latest openSAP course starting Wednesday, September 28. It’s free and open to anyone interested in learning about the Internet of Things (IoT). The course will run