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I’d like to share more details about how our primary BI pricing metrics work. For the past few years we have been focusing on the Named User and Concurrent Session metrics. Customer with older CPU

Update September 2016: The dates have shifted to assure the delivery of a high quality, performant release. The timing answer below has changed. Project scope remains the same as originally communicated. Earlier this week at

We have some ambitious plans for SAP Lumira that we are excited to share with you. Our team spends a lot of time meeting with customers and simply listening. What is clear from these conversations

It’s a new year, and that means licensing updates! We have simplified our license model to make it easier to understand, while still keeping the core components. We have even provided a little bonus to

Back in Q3, we released a new, simpler pricing and licensing model. In Q4, we just release a FAQ document that publicly describes this simplified model. This can be found on the BusinessObjects BI Upgrade

Analysis for Office is our premium alternative to BEx Analyzer. But what does that mean? A premium alternative is not a replacement. Our objective is not to create a feature-by-feature replacement of BEx Analyzer. Our

Our #1 most popular license type last year was the Concurrent Session Based License (CSBL). What is this thing and why is it so popular? There are 2 ways that we license content viewing in

One of the key messages from our internal SAP Field Kick Off Meetings (FKOM) that are happening worldwide this month, is that the use of “Design Thinking” can help create solutions that solve problems better

In the last blog, we reviewed the basics of the SAP BusinessObjects BI portfolio. In this blog, we will be reviewing the 3 solutions that can be regarded as native, multidimensional tools: SAP BusinessObjects Design