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When you hear the words “Central Finance” – what is your perception? How would you define it? Coming from the ASUG Annual Conference, and specifically from a pre-conferece workshop, a few misconceptions surfaced about what

How many issues can I have in receivables management? Let me count the ways.  I find my information is incomplete, Making it difficult for deadlines to meet. My customers make errors on the discounts they

A simple, beautiful, intuitive user experience. Think consumer-grade. That being said, “simplifying” does not mean dumbing down. Instead, simplifying the user experience means making it easier to find the information that you need, when you

Welcome to the Universal Journal – your one-stop shop for financial information in SAP S/4HANA Finance! What is it, you may ask? With SAP S/4HANA Finance, the Universal Journal is one large table that consolidates

How profitable is your business? And how can you tell? Of course, we can first take a look at your company’s financial statements. After all, that is the information that is reported to various tax

Treasury management processes are complex. Which means my favorite analogy from a treasury expert, to simplify the topic, was his comparison of treasury capabilities with the way we all manage our own finances. When we

Gone are the days of a single annual planning cycle. Or at least – those days should be gone. Planning processes have certainly evolved. Many companies formerly began their planning process in September (assuming a

There’s a new term in town: continuous accounting. The concept of continuous accounting is that activities which were typically only executed at the end of a financial period can now be executed in real-time throughout