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Recently I put myself on the line that SAP would restore SAP Community to a position of strength. After a steady stream of feedback that the community’s voice had been diminished, it was clear that

It’s always nice to be with 100,000 close friends at a mega-event like Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona. With a career’s worth of trade shows under my belt, I’m still in awe of their

There are many ways to reflect on our experiences. A year ago I tried something for the first time: blogging here on SCN. You might have read my first post, about the people I met

You may think there’s no such statement as, “my business trip was simple.” Having travelled most of my adult life, I personally empathize with the business traveler. It doesn’t matter what step in the process

If it looks too complicated, it is. There’s too much complexity around everything we do in business. It’s pervasive. I’ve written about the ease with which “no” has become the standard answer in the workplace.

“No” has become the most popular word in most organizations. Can we try something new? No. Can we rethink a few corporate policies? No. Can we get outside our comfort zone and go for growth?

It hardly seems like a big headline when a company announces a new award program for its employees. To save you the suspense, that’s exactly what we just did at SAP with the Hasso Plattner

It occurs to me that like many remaining parts of Germany’s Autobahn, there is no speed limit on the pace of innovation. Disruptive innovation is the new normal. In the 21st century, the fastest companies

I didn’t watch the Barbara Walters special and normally avoid lists like this – it’s a virtual certainty that you end up forgetting or offending someone by their omission. But then I thought, better to