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Bharath Komarapalem

Although the primary motivation of this blog is to find out the database table where data is persistent against which we see in the UI.  However I would also like to address some of the

In real time world, we come across with different messages of different types while working on the TM applications. Sometimes they may be expected or unexpected. There may be various reasons why messages are thrown

In this blog series, I would like to describe the various troubleshooting/debugging tips while we come across with a known/unknown behavior of the system. During my tenure working in Transportation Management, I got to learn

In my previous blog post, we had seen BOPF Overview and developing a report program using BOPF framework. In this blog, we are going to see one of the nice features delivered by SAP with

I started working in SAP TM module (Version 8.1) 1 year back and we hardly find little help since we started working on it. My past experience enforced me to publish this blog which I